On those pages I'll find some script that I've done in my free time.

Image to Text and Image to Ascii are old ones, usefull to convert an image into a series of colored chars or in an ascii art picture, look at these samples:

Original Text Ascii

Image to Table and Image to Puzzle are new entries. The first convert a gived image in an colored HTML table, the second one draw puzzle pieces over the choosed image.

Table Puzzle

Color Choosers are new, a couple of scripts writed in php/jscript designed to recreate a Paint Shop Pro like color picker.

Style 1       Style 2

Italiano English


I hope you'll like the new layout of the site. I've separated components in some files, anyway the source of all the files is avaible on Show Source page.
To see HTML templates sources use your browser build-in show source page!


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